Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Craving Parsi Food? Try Jimmy Boy's Laganu Bhonu

Patranu Macchi

Salli Margi

Dhansak with pulao

With Parsi New Year upon us, I was in quest of a good Parsi meal.  Our Parsi friends recommended Jimmy Boy so we went there on a Sunday night for dinner, with them.

We sat in the air con section and ordered the Laganu Bhonu (the wedding feast) which is priced at Rs 850/- per head. For the children with us we ordered a la carte so we has quite a feast.

The Laganu Bhonu offers a 3 course meal:
Patrani Macchi (fish with green chutney  steamed in banana leaves) – we chose that – OR Saas nu Macchi (in a white, sweetish gravy)
Salli Margi (in a delicious red gravy liberally sprinkled with fine fried potatoes (chose this) or chicken farcha (fried in an egg batter)
Chicken or mutton pulao with dhansak dal (we chose the mutton pulao)

All this is served with sago papad, salad, rotis and dessert (a choice of laganu custard or kulfi)

For the buys accompanying us we ordered  mutton cutlet and tomato gravy, saas nu prawn, kid ghost (mutton in a cashew gravy) and chicken farcha.

Service is fast and the food is good!


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