Sunday, April 13, 2014

Golf View Bar, Willingdon Club, Mumbai – great atmosphere meets good food

The Willingdon Club, the Golf View Bar is on the 1st floor 

Went there last night for drinks and dinner with friends. I always enjoy the set menu and a la carte offering in the dining room and bar downstairs. This was my first visit to the “Golf View Bar” on the first floor which overlooks the lush green golf course. 

A refreshing and soothing sight in the day time but we were there at night…. So no view…

A nice large place with an old style wooden roof, it was quite full - a large array of alcoholic beverages were on display at the bar and were enjoyed by all - here though, I will focus on the food.
Mozzarella Cigarillos

Starters included crostinis with bacon, feta and jalapenos – rather delicious, mozzarella cigarillos for the guys (yummy!) and  a pear iceberg salad and a smoked chicken salad for the ladies.

Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Crostinis
Dinner was focused on seafood – paprika crusted rawas fillets, red snapper grilled with lemon sauce and an oriental shrimp with veggies and glass noodles.
Pear & Iceberg Lettuce Salad

Desert was cheesecake and chocolate mud pie. A very satisfying and good meal. The seafood main courses were under Rs 400/- as we were member’s guests I don’t know what the bill was but though this is the more expensive of the dining options at the Willingdon Club it seems good value.

For a while now I have been in awe of the food in Yacht Club and Bandra Gym.

Sadly not a member at any of these… but we are fortunate to get invited there so more on this soon.       

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