Monday, September 26, 2016

Basho's Resort Mulshi - a Lil' slice of lakeside heaven

The view from our sit out

Our cottage by the lakeside

The lakeside tent - side view 
We visited recently - a 2 night stay. Wasn't sure how it would be as we got to know about this resort after a friend from Pune visited the café. Read the reviews on and as everyone lauded the view and service decided to take a chance. We were enchanted by our first look around the resort.

It's built across many levels - from the road (where the café is located and the gate to the resort) all the way down to the lake.

The location is very lovely. And the monsoon weather added to its charm-a brimming lake, trees sparkling emerald green, mist and clouds surrounding the nearby hills!

There appear to be 4 cottages and 4 tents with 2 of each down by the lake. Each cottage/tent has a lake view irrespective of its location.

We had the 2 cottages at the lakeside and the soothing sound of the gently lapping waters of Mulshi Lake was akin to balm for our stressed Mumbai souls.

The rooms are spacious and clean - and can accommodate 4 adults easily. Even better is the sit out where we had morning tea, breakfast, evening tea, drinks and dinner! In fact, when we weren't sleeping, we were in our sit out and waited on like royalty by the staff (more about that). Though I occasionally lay in the lakeside lounger ostensibly reading but actually looking at the view.

The lake front sit out

Lakeside Loungers 

View of our cottage from the dining room 

There's netting in the windows to keep insects out. The rooms have fans and AC. Lots of lights including bedside reading lights!

The bathroom has a large tub-like bathing place with a rain shower and more.

The bed linen is good with soft white sheets.

If this sounds ideal, wait till you read about the food and the show stopper - the service!

The dining room - spacious and open to amazing lake views on one side, offered lunch, buffet style. This was so good that my inner foodie was extremely pleased. Especially, as many reviewers did not give good ratings to the food. 

2 soups 4 starters (to accommodate veg and non-veg guests) and many dishes to choose from in main course. Icecream for dessert.

Evening tea /coffee with snacks like French fries, bhajiyas are brought to your sit out.

Dinner is from the ala carte menu with daily specials which we were told about when we ordered dinner. One night I had fish and chips The pre dinner cocktail snacks are also part of the package - think chicken tikkas and the like.

We were very well fed, 4 times a day.

The staff consists of pleasant young men who are service oriented and anticipate your every need-extra tea, paper napkins, mosquito coils, bottled water, wine glasses when they saw our wine bottle.

They go off duty at 10 pm, so if you eat late they'll clear up in the morning. But as food is brought in casserole dishes its not a problem.

The swimming pool is very small, more like a kiddies pool only good enough for infants to splash in.

The only extras we paid were for the beers consumed.
It took us little over 4 hours of drive time to get there from Mumbai.
The only downside is that there is not much space to walk or play for kids. We walked up and down the resort steps and on the road from where you can see the clean and clear Mulshi waters.

Heavenly - perfect for a relaxing break.  go soon

To book:
Tents: Rs 7250 per couple per day. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and taxes. Extra person: Rs 3000
Cottages: Rs 8250 per couple per day. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and taxes. Extra person: Rs 3500
Call 9922743465 or 7769951416 for reservations visit

Our bedroom

Bedroom seating area which can accommodate 2 adults/children

The BIG bathtub


  1. Sounds quite idyllic. What was the food like?

    1. Food was surprisingly good - mainly Indian at the buffet lunch, once some Chinese. Dinner was ala carte - got Fish and Chips one night