Saturday, October 5, 2013

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra offers delicious contemporary Indian food

Photo: Looking forward to our preview get together Tonight at Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra at BKC, #Mumbai

With canapés and starters like Sarson ka saag quesadilla, Duck khurchan, Soft shell crab 65 and desserts like Jalebi caviar and Pan pasand candy floss we await a magical gastronomic evening!

I was fortunate to be invited to the pre-opening preview of Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra courtesy the Food Bloggers Association of India. If you enjoy food like me and want all the updates on new places and reviews do check them out and join their FB page for updates on what is new.
Many of you think of Punjab Grill when you think Jiggs Kalra, but he is no longer associated with it. Masala Library is one of the new brands Jiggs Kalra (and his son Zorawar Kalra) is offering. It is also hoping to get a Michelin star I understand. The menu is based on the molecular gastronomy concept.
Opening on October 5 just in time for the weekend.
The food was excellent- contemporary Indian and delicious, presented in the most outstanding manner.  We ate the starters and deserts and that assortment is good enough to go back again.
Whether a prawn balchow stuffed mini roti, sarson ka saag quesadilla, soft shell crab 65, boti babab on mini rotis or dessert like jalebi caviar, ghevar cheesecake and pan pasand candy floss - served as a paan flavoured white cloud on a “potted plant” looking like a white cherry blossom bonsai tree.  Brought to the table! Feast for the eyes and senses!  
Even the papad provided was an assortment of the various types of papads served with a selection of “dips” like kachumber, chutneys, raita and other curd based dips. Quite yummy.
We even had a desert called “childhood memories” a pot of warm moist chocolate brownie with a sprig of mint sticking out and a mini watering can of hot chocolate sauce. Took us back to our childhood pastime of playing in the mud!
Since it was a preview we didn’t pay but would expect it to be one or two levels level higher than Punjab Grill. Having said that the city needs more “good” Indian cuisine options which aren’t in 5 star hotels and this certainly is in that category.
Good ambience, AC, valet parking etc. Located right next to the TCG building in the lane leading to the Sofitel Hotel.

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