Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Great Maratha Warriors - Authentic regional food fest at Sofitel BKC

Chef at the live Bhakri roti counter 

Some of the Maratha delicacies and pickles

I recently went for this awesome festival at my fav Bandra hotel – sadly its over, but I recommend you keep watch on the food fests being held here – always good and authentic – just right for a foodie

On offer were authentic preparations like Bharli Khari Vangi, Suke Chicken, Mutton Ukad, Bombil Chutney, Basundi and more at the hotel’s Pondichéry Café.

Prepared by 2 chefs who did a fabulous job - Solapur based Chef Sugandha Polkelearnt who learny traditional techniques of cooking vegetables like brinjal on the tree itself from her mother-in-law and Chef Varsha who learns the history and stories behind home-cooked delicacies.

These 2 ladies prepared a feast which we enjoyed with Bhakri roti

There was chicken, mutton, crab, pulao, 2 types of dals and veggies and some great home made pickle to go with it

We really enjoyed it and so did the other diners – the restaurant was full

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