Friday, September 4, 2015

Ravioli - Little pasta cushions of delish-ness! Till Sept 15th at Sofitel

Gamberi e finocchio tortellini (seafood)

Prosciutto, rucola appassito e mascarpone tortelli (ham)

Ravioi Per Favore At Pondichery Café, Sofitel BKC

Last Sunday, the husband, son and I went to Sofitel, Pondichery Café for dinner. The son opted to eat the buffet which he loves  (bouquets to Team Sofitel - more about that later) and us adults decided to have ravioli.
Chef Gaurav Bathla

The chef, Gaurav Bathla was present at the café, so he was called to advise us on what we should order… (great recommendation - bang on!- Thanks Chef Gaurav) 

I ordered the Gamberi e finocchio tortellini con crema di pesce bisque (Prawn and smoked salmon ­lled tortellini ­nished with ‑avourful creamy seafood bisque) Tortellini is ring shaped, also known as a ‘navel shaped’ pasta. Originally from the Italian region of Bologna, they are usually served in either beef or chicken broth.  The dish complimented the delicate seafood flavours and was yummy!

The husband ordered Prosciutto, rucola appassito e mascarpone tortelli (Ham, wilted rocket & mascarpone fi­lled tortelli with amatriciana sauce) Tortelli is a navel shaped stuffed pasta, similar to ravioli. It is originally from the southern Italian region of Basilicata. Lovely and meaty it was perfect for a meat lover!

Both were delish and I hope we can return before the festival ends on September 15th

If you love pasta – this is a not to be missed opportunity to eat unusual (for Mumbai) perfectly made pasta!  On till September 15th make it a point to visit. Plus point is the ravioli was'nt drowned in a white creamy cheesy sauce! 

Vegetarians need not worry - equal number of options - delish ravioli filled with chives, veggies, ricotta, spinach ... cost Rs 825?- ++

Non veg ravioli dishes are for Rs 975/- plus taxes. The menu recommends wines to go with each ravioli
Gluten free and Light cuisine

Light cuisine

While on the buffet (our MOST favourite in the ’burbs for lunch/dinner) I was very pleased to see signs showing gluten free and light (low calorie) foods! Even better, the dishes tasted good.

And what really won SOFITEL brownie points was when the boy (who can eat ONLY vegan desserts) asked for a sorbet – it was provided ! This really made for a sweet ending for a tween with a sweet tooth which isn’t satisfied often due to his dietary restrictions.
Display of fresh potted herbs - Trikaya Farms

The start of the hot section displayed fresh potted herbs from Trikaya – a lovely touch and a great tribute to the farm that supplies us with our herbs, greens and other exotic veggies.

And the grand finale was when we exited we noticed a vintage Packard Clipper on display outside. I couldn’t help getting snapped beside it  

This blogger with the vintage Packard Clipper 

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