Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fatty Bao - sadly hype exceeds reality

Table setting

Lotus red curry 

Chicken loppypops on sugar cane 

Brie Tempura

#BEST - the Fatty Bao PB&J

Char Sui

Went recently for a working lunch. Loved the look of the place and the buzz.However the food was a let down!!

We had:

Char Sui... Pork belly... rather nice

Fatty Bao PB&J-exceptional, the only thing I will return here for

Brie Tempura

Duck pizza-ok...the thin crust is such that crumbles when you bite it (inconvenient to eat)

Dancing prawns-had an Indian taste to it, Do NOT ORDER! 

Lotus root red curry -nice

Slow cooked lamb shank massamam curry-very ok... had better

Dessert-green tea chiffon cake cheesecake-interesting

Japanese Cheesecake - dont bother - had better cheesecake

I think Fatty Bao needs to improve its food. At these prices every dish should be good to outstanding

The Dancing Prawns was particularly odd - had an Indian masala-ish taste. after a bite (one prawn) we sent it back saying it didnt taste East Asian. It came right back with the wait staff saying order another prawn dish if you dont like this... this dish is meant to taste like this   

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