Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In Copenhagen? Dine at Kong Hans Kælder, for an outstanding gourmet experience

Fjord shrimps on toast - edible flowers - yum

Copenhagen was on our holiday itinerary and the foodie in me decided that an experience at one of the city’s great restaurants was a MUST.

Also we were interested in experiencing a Relais & Chateaux property, as we’d  heard about this exclusive brand of charming hotels and gourmet restaurants setting standards for excellence in hospitality so a search on their site led me to Kong Hans Kælder, an upscale gourmet restaurant. TripAdvisor reviews were good so I booked by email…. (they are typically booked in advance – so once your trip date is decided, book

Located a short cab ride away from our hotel in central Copenhagen, we found the restaurant is located in the oldest building in the city! The vaulted ceilings give a unique and intimate atmosphere with solid wooden floors and romantic light from candles. The white table linen and crockery complement the white space. I’d say its a classic luxury space without being pretentious and snobbish, a Danish mentality which is also reflected in food which we found superlative. 

Our menu:

1st course – all four were brought together on a tray and set out on and around our plate

Oysters, horseraddish & foam (served in an oyster shall, on a bed of white pebbles and covered in foam),  Scallops with lardo & hibiscus, Quail egg with caviar and  Tatar, cognac crispy beetroot (made into a flower and served in a vase)

The oyster in foam and the quail egg with caviar

2nd course
Profiteroles with olives & parmesan, Tart with ramson leaf & flower (the flowers made it a work of art), Stewed potato with dried ox heart and  Warm polenta with pimet

Olive & parmesan profiterole

Tatar of Langoustines (a species of lobster)
tomato, marjoram & smoked pimento

White asparagus
Served with & sauce mousseline and fjord shrimps on toast (flowers made it the most - pretty as picture- savoury item I’ve ever eaten)

Monkfish fried on the bone
Served with peas & green asparagus

Sweetbread confit
ravioli & morels

Suckling lamb from the Pyrenees
fermented garlic & lamb jus

Bread & butter 

Langoustine Tatar

White asparagus with mouselline sauce (delish!)

Suckling lamb from the Pyrenees 

Sweetbread Ravioli

A selection of mature cheese (looked great but had to pass)
served with garnish by the table

Rhubarb trifle (looked great but had to pass)
Served with sorbet (6 options - tried two, the pear and black currant sorbet served on a cold stone with a crisp sweet wafer) & white chocolate

“Chocolate tart” (looked great but had to pass)
Served with vanilla ice cream

The meal ended with a selection of chocolates (couldn’t resist)

Sorbet selection

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Kong Hans Vin menu
NV, Cuveé Prestige, Diebolt-Vallois, Cramant, Champagne
2008, Blanc Fumé de Pouilly, Dider Dagueneau, Loire
2010, Pinot Noir, Dry River, Martinborough, New Zealand

The extensive wine cellar meant that each course was accompanied by a wine. The appetisers were paired with champagne and ended with dessert wine!

We’d requested a table with a view of the open kitchen where we could see food being prepared and plated. The presentation and plating left me amazed!     

The experience was fabulous: superlative food, perfect wine pairing and attentive service!
Do not miss dinner here if you want to treat yourself to a classic gourmet meal – Danish style.

It’s expensive – but worth it as a special Copenhagen treat. There are often several seatings starting from 6 pm going onto 9:30

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