Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A short break at Mango Beach House Alibaug

Private sit out at back of cottage/rooms

Our "private" garden and sit out 

A small boutique “home stay” with several room clusters so you can have a privacy if you are in a group. 2 pools and a very short walk from deserted and fairly clean Kihim beach.
The property is full of trees and the setting is quite lovely.
We had booked 3 rooms over the  New Year and two of them were in a lovely new addition, in an old bungalow with a tiled roof a front garden with a sit out in the back.
We spent the 2 night stay hanging out in our own “garden” and going to the main section only for our meals.
Take your own alcohol – though beer can be arranged  

The four poster bed in our room

What I loved:
-the rooms – quite upmarket in feel with good furnishings – lovely high ceilings and a four poster poster! Well furnished – great sleep
-loo with a view & privacy too – go there and check it out
-willing service and a on site manager who gave us a patient hearing (even if he couldn’t or would’nt do much with regards to the food and request for a table lamp for bedside reading)

What I didn’t love:
Inadequate light in the room to read in
No bedside light to switch on/off – so when sleeping you need to get out of bed and switch off the light!!
And the food was way below expectation: a basic breakfast – eggs and something Indian bread etc, Indian lunch – very average and always very little quantity in the dishes  - replenishing always took time and very little was brought, the dinner was “western” read as white sauce and more white sauce – both nights  hence was rather boring.  Even snacks were limited – French fries, seekh kababs both of the frozen packaged variety
Also when you are so near the sea one would expect some seafood – not a sign of it – we actually went out and brought some to eat in, from Sanman- a great place has tremendous variety of fish and shellfish
Despite it being New Year’s we received requests to come for dinner by 11 pm!!
And they didn’t provide a single snack on the house for the occasion – despite charging a premium on the usual rates. We did order …
Finally the all important question - Will I return? possibly, even though the Radisson Blu is better value Mango Beach Resort wins for being near the sea
I will however ask them to give me special food – like fish and ample good food – please not smothered in white sauce 

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