Monday, July 21, 2014

Cold meats & sausages? Look no further than Artisan, Sofitel BKC

Those who know me, know of my soft spot for Sofitel BKC. You would also know that I love international quality, cold meats and sausages.

Last week I got lucky and visited Artisan and met German Charcuterie chef and international expert in meat production, Hans Hartmann and was taken through the new menu at Artisan,  I actually ate my way through the new meats and sausages.

Hans Hartmann has lived in many countries and is skilled in making European fresh sausages keeping local sensitivities in mind – poultry in India, no pork in Syria etc etc. He is in India on an extended visit to train the Sofitel chefs in preparing world class European style sausages.

Really good world class sausages made right here at Sofitel BKC. More importantly – its fresh, so doesn’t contain the preservatives most commercial sausages have – whether imported or locally produced.
You needn’t worry about low quality meats or fillers like soya being used. This is the #genuine high quality product.
The sausages and cold meats are priced very competitively from Rs 150 to Rs 600 per pack (much less than Sante, Bandra where the cheapest meat is Rs 200 for 100 g).

To meet local preferences for chicken and spicy -  there is a wide range of chicken sausages, most are German in style except for the Chicken Tikka sausage!

I stayed away from these, and feasted on the pork and beef sausages… in particular the Bockworst (pork), Bratwurst (veal)and the Neurenberg (pork). I ate the Bockwurst both grilled and simmered in hot water.  Also tried the meat loaf cold meat. A plate of 2 sausages or cold meat (see menu) with German bread and assorted mustards cost Rs 550 inclusive of all taxes. A great deal for meat lovers.

I certainly plan to visit Artisan to eat a plate or two and pick up some fresh home-made sausages to eat at home!
Artisan also sells a variety of great breads and some delicious pastries – so a visit there can be ended with a nice French café au lait with pastry.
If you like cold meat sandwiches or eating really good sausages – don’t miss it

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