Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Swiss chocolate fondue at Out of the Blue’s Swiss Food Fest - Must try!!!

we were asked to GO WILD using ingredients

Ingredients on display - note the chocolate variants 

Fondue Masterclass in progress

Our creation - dark chocolate fondue with maple syrup and jalapeno 

As I love chocolate and cheese I was pleased to receive an invite, courtesy the FBAI, to a unique chocolate fondue MasterClass at Out of the Blue, Khar as part of the ongoing Swiss Food Festival.

I accepted and went off with a hearty appetite. After a round of cocktails and cheesy appetizers, we attended an interesting Masterclass on making chocolate fondue. We were introduced to a variety of chocolates from dark to white and taught how to melt it to create a perfect fondue.  And then, we got our chance to experiment and create our own signature fondues. 

A huge number of ingredients were provided from dark Swiss chocolate to fresh raspberries, alcohol, marshmallows, brownies, all the way to jalapenos.

It was good fun and trying out each groups creation was so filling that I couldn’t do justice to the special Swiss dinner menu. 

The Swiss Food Festival is at Out of the Blue, Khar till January 31 and at Powai from February 1-9, 2014.   Its supported by Lindt, Barry Callebaut, Indo Bakels and Switzerland Tourism

If you feel like a taste of Switzerland, and love chocolate, ensure you have one of the chocolate fondue deserts. Its yum.

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