Monday, January 20, 2014

Eddies Bistro, Bandra – a must visit

Remnants of our starters - Thai fish cake on the left and House spice rub chicken on the right

Grilled Halibut with broccoli, mash and a lemon butter sauce on the left, the olive stuffed ravioli on the right

We had lunch last week at Eddies Bistro, which opened recently. I was inspired by the petpujaris fatka lunch there on Jan 12th. Tucked into a bylane of Bandra  (next to Bong Bong and close to Mini Punjab) the restaurant is surprising  spacious and gives a feeling of light and space.

It’s a long space running the breadth of the building which opens out at the other other with a table there for smokers or alfresco dining, I presume.

Lots of light wood make the space look contemporary and exude welcome, along with the car and truck “toys” and Harley Davidson bike pics comprising the décor.

Its menu looks interesting – sort of American diner with some Asian dishes.

Here’s what three of us (all female) had for a “working” lunch:

2 starters – Thai fish cakes (2 large fish cakes to a plate) and house rub spiced chicken, Indian spice and served on skewers like satay chicken, a generous portion.

2 mains  - ravioli stuffed with olives and grilled halibut with mashed potatoes and brocolli

The bill, for 3 of us, came to under Rs 1900 with no drinks or desert

Strongly recommend a visit to this lively place with a great vibe  ….. not so sure about the desert which was a pear tart tatin for desert – the only item which wasn’t as good as the other food. It was a tad too sweet. We provided feedback, and the item didn’t get added to our bill.

Is airconditioned and serves alcohol

Loved it and would recommend a visit. 

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