Friday, January 24, 2014

Make an appointment with The Farmers Market this Sunday

Last Sunday, we (KV, who is my daughter’s childhood friend, my son and I) visited the Farmers Market at Maharastra Nature Park in Mahim.

It was wonderful in this weather  - a relaxed Sunday jaunt with organic shopping, eating healthy  with pleasant music. All this in an open air venue – a garden shaded by trees including a huge old banyan tree. The space has stalls arranged around roughly in a semi-circular fashion and tables and chairs arranged on the grass near the food stalls.

Lots of interesting stalls purveying all things organic – sheets, clothing, milk, skincare, pulses and cereals. Our interest was in eating and in buying fresh organic farm produce though KV did buy some Shuddhi Therapy skincare

We saw the baked goodies at Birdsong’s stall (visit the café in Bandra) and after a quick dekko decided to try the organic salads made by Anjli Vyas. We had the organic greens with hummous, there was also a bean one. Made fresh and served on palm leaf plates, refreshing and recommended …Rs 200 per plate

Then we ate the red rice dosas made at the stall as we waited. Hot, fluffy and flavourful served with a yummy green coconut chutney – absolutely delicious – will return for this as soon as I can. The lady also sold red rice idlis which were a big hit but we couldn’t try them (full). A plate of dosa Rs 80/-

Vir feasted on golas made with organic fruit juices and white candy floss.  

Finally we went to buy fresh produce – beetroot with the leaves (1st time I saw the red colour of the leaf- amazing);  leeks, celery, yellow capsicum, cherry tomatoes, parsley, tomatoes – all the veggies were available. Also bought gauvas and chickoos.  

We sampled the organic strawberries (Rs 550 per kg, smaller than what we see in Mumbai but sweet, juicy and nice)

The veggies are more expensive than non-organic stuff from the market (like all the good things of life but worth it!)
The sounds of nature including the twitter of birds went well with Prasheen Lodhia playing the Hang, a Swiss musical Instrument. The instrument is constructed from two half-shells of steel sheet glued together  to create a distinct UFO shape. The Hang uses the basic physical principles as a steelpan.

The organic cotton ready-mades were lovely – a tad expensive though. Also no place to try it on. However, the range is available at Dhoop Bandra

Try and visit this Sunday or at the soonest….. you’ll want to return again before the last one on March 23rd when Season V closes till it returns after the monsoons in October.

Open from 10 am to 3 pm till March 23rd.  Enter from the special gate, There is ample parking on the road and don’t forget to be eco-friendly and bring your own shopping bags.

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