Thursday, December 19, 2013

Got “Grilled” on Sunday, a funday

The FBAI invited a few food bloggers to experience a grilled Sunday Brunch. A variety of foods including smoked salmon, prawns and assorted veggies were laid out for us to grill. It was an interactive session at the Palate Culinary Studio under the guidance of cookery expert Rakhee Vaswani.  

Alpen-Koch has just introduced the Swiss Raclette Grill concept in India. Raclette is a traditional Swiss concept and the grill is used on the centre of the dining table when  family and friends visit. The raw food is kept prepared and always includes the delicious Raclette cheese which just melts beautifully.

Everyone can prepare their own food or those with chef leanings can take charge. An interesting way to serve a variety of hot foods,

The Raclette Grill we used comes in various sizes and has raclette pans below to melt cheese and a grill and lava stone surface above for grilling foods. It is handy to use and works on electricity. For more information, you can check out

I think its wonderful – no need to keep going to the kitchen to prepare /heat and serve appetisers for guests. The large one is Rs 9999/- and good for entertaining or feeding a large family.

We ate: smoked salmon, grilled Norwegian salmon, grilled sausages, grilled prawns and chicken, smoked ham with a delicious assortment of vegetables including Portobello mushrooms. Served with an array of wholewheat bread which complimented the Raclette cheese. Palate had prepared dips, and some wonderful deserts to complement the grills. 

The Brunch was accompanied by South African wines  - Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc and Nederburg Shiraz. Both distributed by Aspri Spirits in India. 

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