Friday, December 13, 2013

Calcutta Club, for SST yummy Bong food

Pic taken when the meal had nearly ended!

For authentic Bengali food at a wholesome price visit Calcutta Club

I’d  heard about this restaurant from my husband who married to a Bengali knows his Bengali cuisine and from my Bengali friend GC but never had occasion to visit. 
Till now if we wanted to eat Bengali food we have trekked to Oh Calcutta which is lovely but not “cheap and cheerful”

Calcutta Club is definitely cheap and cheerful and a great find. Authentic Bengali food, nice Bengali atmosphere (framed photogarphs of the Bengali greats from the film and cultural world including Amartya Sen) on the wall.

There were just 2 of us eating which limited our exploration of the menu but I am sure there will be another visit, soon.

We enjoyed: Bhetki fry with kasundi (mustard paste), bhaja monger dal, chingri (prawn) in a coconut mustard curry, tomato chutney and steamed basmati rice.

Delicious meal and fast service

The bill was under Rs 800/- great value too. A must visit  

Its close to Oshiwara Police Station, on the main road itself

Its air conditioned has no bar  

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