Wednesday, September 18, 2013

China Garden Khar - It's still around but avoid it ...

The former PR team got together end recently as M visited Mumbai  after ages and said she wanted Chinese. After a brief discussion on our What's App group, H chose the venue: China Garden. I had forgotten about it as my family has 2 reigning favourite Chinese restaurants, Royal China and Global Fusion, adult and kiddie choice respectively.

The restaurant was disconcertingly empty when we arrived at 9 pm and remained empty-only 2 other tables were occupied. Was this the effect of Shravan or does the place /brand need a refresh? Attributing the lack of custom  to the ongoing Shravan (when Hindus eat vegetarian), we settled down. 

In retrospect, that was the mistake we made.....

We ordered Jack Daniels, Pina Coladas, Mojitos et al and waited for the appetisers.

Fried corn cream curd and the steamed wantons both veg and non veg were good. The crispy lamb was sweet and the wait staff didn’t warn us. Even though we wasted it in its entirety no one queried us .... so we ended up paying for it instead of fussing. Meeting former colleagues after ages so the restaurant got off cheap. 

For mains, the noodles, rice, Kung Pao prawn and SaPo Pork were so-so. The special (!) garlic prawn was sweetish, nothing like the dishes prepared by Trishna or even Jaihind. The Soya Chili beef was good as were the steamed gourmet veggies. Sadly not one item was spectacular.

We didn't risk eating desert there. We drove to the nearby Haagen-Dazs and gorged on the frozen desserts and ended the evening on a happy sated note.

Was rather sad to see this huge brand become so indifferent to its diners. Nelson Wang, please do something to prevent a sad ending to the huge success story of the Eighties & Nineties....    

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