Friday, July 12, 2013

Yummilicious Choux Pastry now at Le 15 Patisserie

Went there last Sunday for our customary “feel good” weekend sweet treat. And found something new  - the totally unique choux pastries – Hazelnut, Chocolate and Red Love (?) there were’nt any name cards so not sure of the names. But these absolutely delicious melt in the mouth pastries are worth trying. You’ll be hooked.  For those who don’t know choux – it’s what chocolate √©clair pastries are made of.  
Of course we also ate the macarons – which Pooja introduced in Mumbai. We tried the tarts for the 1st time – the lemon tart and the passion fruit tart are awesome didn’t try the others)
What I love about this brand is that a small treat makes you satisfied and happy. Its like a small slice of sheer indulgence. The great taste, the place (Bandra store) the packaging everything makes you feel good. Have been back for more – to the Good Earth outlet…

I’d also like to commend Pooja for her offering Mumbaikars the latest international taste trends like the sea salt macaron. Sea salt deserts and rockin the US right now.

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