Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunday Brunch at LPQ Bandra: Sadly below expectation

Five of us went last Sunday for the Brunch. The venue for our get-together was chosen based on proximity to Bandra, at <Rs 1900 all inclusive it’s competitively priced for the alcoholic brunch. I went with high expectations after a great meal at LPQ near Central Park NYC recently.
The brunch offers a selection from 6 sections of the menu: breakfast, panini and egg, soup, salads, mains and desert; a short but good list of cocktails, beer, wine, mocktails and fruit juices.
I ordered: eggs benedict - ok on the dry side; seafood salad - below average w/ only fish no other seafood; pork belly – very good but couldn’t order another as stocks over; the desert platter consisting of mini sized lemon tart and chocolate mousse cake – both excellent and honey walnut tart –  average. Washed down with fresh watermelon vodka cocktails (the best part).
I tasted the grilled veggie salad  as well as the chicken Ceasar salad which were good, also the cream cheese and berry panini which was not. Surprisingly the bread basket had exactly one slice per head of one variety of bread, served with small (airline) packs of Amul butter! Unlike a Smokehouse, Indigo, Saltwater or Olive which does a fancier butter. I did ask for a better selection of bread but was told this was it. We ordered the cheese platter as an extra, again selection and serving style was not as expected.
Conclusion - not really worth the money. Go to the Blue Frog brunch or Otto Infinito instead.

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