Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Relaxed Sunday “Brunch” at The Bagel Shop

The Bagel Shop is located between my workplace and home, so it’s a great place for meetings, office outings (lunches) and quick coffee catch ups with friends.
I visit it at least once a month if not more to grab a coffee and some eats  
Last Sunday we decided to go eat “Sunday Brunch” there not because there is a brunch but everytime we go we see so much of yummy stuff being served  to others ….
It was a great relaxed experience. Four of us sat in the inside AC space (see photo) and  pigged out on:
Smoked pork bagel (see photo) 
Smoked salmon bagel
Croquet monsieur bagel (open bagel with grilled cheese and ham – delicious
Egg and smoked wurst (sausage) bagel
Finally we shared the arugula pasta with chicken and bacon (see photo), one of my personal favourites. Some cold drinks including a refreshing fresh kiwi juice. And the bill came to approx. Rs 600 per head. Thought it was a great deal.

Strongly recommend – and now I have to rush off to meet some friends there for coffee and pumpkin cake (the cake is another story …will blog about it soon)