Friday, June 3, 2016

Lima BKC - undecided if its worth it

Sea Bass Ceviche

Quinoa Salad

Limo Chile Bay Prawns

Ever since Lima opened i was keen to try out the South American cuisine. we went recently for a working lunch - rather liked to ambiance though it was'nt very crowded. Its a large space, with a good sized bar and the tables are well spaced out

There aren't too many selections in mains non veg on the menu hence our selection of delicious but pricey prawns.

We had:

Sea Bass Ceviche - good

Quinoa Salad - ok 

Limo Chile Bay Prawns served with an interesting piquant sauce  - it was so good we repeated the order for the prawns 

We drank a fresh lime soda and water melon aguas

The food was served attractively and we were told what the accompaniments were but don't think it qualified as WOW! given its owner chef's Michelin for his London restaurant.

The disappointment was the Dessert of the Day - a dark chocolate mousse like item with a  chocolatey covering (supposedly 80% pure chocolate) - it was quote a waste - tasted very artificial - we actually tasted it and wasted it  - and no one bothered when we said it was'nt good hence wasting it 

No more desserts there for us - Atul Kochhar - i hope you are listening? 

The bill was also rather high on account of the prawns being very pricey  

Will i go again - not withstanding the excellent prawns?

No - not in a hurry 

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