Monday, March 23, 2015

Bombay Canteen - a MUST visit!

The Entrance

A GEM of a place, opened February 12th and though the husband and I had been planning to visit we never did till  four weeks after its opening! Not good for an avowed foodie like me!

With Chef Thomas

I had the good fortune to meet Chef Thomas! One of the culinary stars behind the superb food. Indian regional cuisine with a global twist! If you have an evolved palate and love food, this is the place for you

Here’s what we ordered:
Seafood Bhel

Dark Malabar a rum cocktail

The Kejriwal 

Chota (appetisers):
Devilled eggs & kamal kakdi chips (crisply fried lotus stems)
Eggs Kejriwal – fried egg on toast with cheese & green chilli chutney
Seafood Bhel – with kairi date chutney and sev (full of shrimp and calamari)
Chili calamari - Charcoal grilled
Prawns – balck pepper, grilled
Arbi Tuk- looking like a dahi sev
Chicken kaleji grilled – looking like a mutton boti, on skewers
Pork vindaloo – served taco style on methi roti

Dark monsoon -yum cocktail with Old Monk, Star fruit, Angostura bitters and a ginger
Tamarind Whiskey Shake
The Canteen Sangria – wine, rum and a mixture of fruit
Indian Iced tea – Blackcurrant tea, white chocolate syrup and lime juice     

Fish roasted in banana leaf

Bada (Mains):
Banana Leaf roasted fish in Kerala masala 
Coconut mutton
Kheema bheja gotala- with a fried egg topping
Tandoori pork spare ribs  - jaggery glaze and green beans

Guava Tan a Tan 

Rum Soaked Gulab Nut

Guava Tan a tan - guava tart with chili ice cream
Gulab nut – a doughnut looking, gulab jamun soaked in rum

After ages, I have been somewhere and LOVED everything I’ve had! That was unanimous in our table of 7. We are already planning to visit again as a group…
Having said that I went with some trepidation, as I am not overly fond of going out to eat Indian food- we eat it at home too often!
But this is regional Indian – Kerala, arbi, goan etc and prepared and served with a global sensibility! Nay, flourish
Loved the ambiance and look – buzzing on a week night! Full! Excellent service too!
Apart from the food, here’s what I loved: the Bombay vibe (not Mumbai) harking back to when Bombay was a Grand Lady among Indian cities J
The menu – the cover design is like the account books of my childhood
The décor – the flooring reminds me of the lovely tiles my school had
The only thing I wasn’t too enamoured of – was the sound level. But as it was the voices of happy diners, I had no complaint! Don’t sit opposite someone if you want to have a conversation without yelling!
Presently open only for dinner,  though lunch should start soon. No kids allowed
Bombay Canteen is a place you would definitely come back to and recommend to your friends. Thank you very much for making our visit amazing!!!


  1. Wow! Looks great - should definitely go there when I am in Mumbai next!:)

  2. Btw - that's me Megha- don't know how this jazzy snazzy is showing as id :-)