Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FEAST at the Malvani Food Festival, at Sofitel’s Pondichery Café

If it’s the Maharashtra elections – then celebrate with Malvani food. On till Oct 20th the festival allows us to enjoy the seafood bounty and the palm fringed coasts of our state.

Malvani housewives Prathishta Armarkar & Mrs Praja Patil who cooked using authetic masalas

Even better, its festival been curated by the hotel’s in house Chef Vividh Patil, who hails from Malvan and  Malvani housewifes Mrs. Prathishta Armarkar and Mrs. Praja Patil who are renowned for their authentic food! So good that they prepare their own masalas! Apart from using the authentic masalas the ladies say the true difference lies is using coconut generously.

It was lovely to meet them, dressed in their traditional finery  and get their inputs as we looked at the appetising array.

Tawa Fried Surmai

Pomfret in green curry (Hirvi masala)

NOTE: the Indian section of the buffet is mainly Malvani though favourites like tandoor kababs and rotis are on offer! The other sections are good as usual  – Several Thai dishes in Asian,  sushi, cold meats, salads, seafood on ice, desserts, cheeses, fresh baked bread ..icecreams

Why go now? To palates accustomed to Mahesh Lunch Home and Trishna or even Jaihind, this is Malvani Cuisine not Mangalorean.  To experience this range and taste, hitherto not available – makes this Festival a MUST visit

The food is authentic, home style Malvani food. Accompanied by an array of home-made pickles including prawn and chicken pickle. Tried the prawn -quite yummy.

From fried fish to green curries to a red curry an awesome flavourful mild prawn pulao. Dals and veggies like karela (bitter gourd) pumpkin curry and beans made it a treat. If you eat non veg but not seafood, don't worry there are mutton and chicken dishes too. The husband found it a tad fiery though.

Beans & Aloo Bhaji- Malvan Style 

i ate the meal with liberal helpings of the red coconut chutney and the dried prawn garnish as accompaniment.

Home Made pickles - don't miss the prawn, chicken, radish....

Eat the food with plain rice or with vade being fried to order- so scrumptious that I didn’t have anything else from the buffet!

See the photographs and get there soon…
Pondichery Cafe Sous Chef Vividh Patil whose roots are in Malvan

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