Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Must visit for good Bengali cuisine which is affordable!

Representative meal - forgot to take a photograph

Went there recently for the 1st time and loved it. The enclosed air conditioned section is small, seating a maximum of 26 people. There is a large open area where one can dine alfresco! I wouldn't do it as the surroundings outside are very mediocre. It is simply done up (read as no table cloth and basic furniture)
The food is the STAR and really shines through. I’m Bengali and I can vouch for its authenticity and taste..

I’ve always patronised Oh Calcutta! But its pricey so visiting often is not an option. Bhojohori Manna is affordable – so I recommend it to all of you, whether Bengali or not – do yourself a favour, go there, and enjoy Bengali cuisine

For the Pujas, there a special menu running daily till Maha Dashami (Saturday 4th for us Bongs) of an amazing selection of food thalis (Rs 750 plus taxes) of awesome Bengali dishes (giant shrimp, etc etc)

The restaurant also offers a thali (Mini or maxi) allowing even one person to eat a proper Bengali meal consisting of many courses from the fried veggie to the bitter followed by dal, fish,  etc etc with rice and luchi all the way to the dessert. Since we were four persons we ordered a la carte. Here’s what we ate:

Begun bhaja (brinjal fry) large pieces cut length wise - delicious
Shukto (a simple homely mixed vegetable with karela, raw banana, drumsticks, potato)
Chana dal - very good
Rice – steamed is best with fish curries
Luchi – maida puris - excellent
Macher Kalia (Bekti fish – no bones in a red gravy - good)
Shorse Mach (Ilish – with bones in mustard gravy- good)
Dakbungalow Mutton – a dry dish - awesome
Aamer Chutney (Mango chutney)
Mishti Doi  

Good service though some of the food items were not as hot as they could be – taken back and brought back HOT. Great service with a smile.

The wait staff were very good in recommending the number of each dish to order. Portions are small to allow one to taste many courses

Loved it and will be back soon. Note: No alcohol is available.

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