Friday, June 6, 2014

Yoga House Cafe - Delightfully Healthy!

The Detox joice

The Yoga House Café located above the Yoga House - is a lovely find, hidden in the leafy lanes of the Shirley Rajan Village, was a great surprise. Being close to office, I decided to check it out last week. I visited with no expectations at all, as I am a carnivore. I was quite taken by the place and the food and have already returned with a friend yesterday.

Here’s what we had:
The quinoa taboule – delicious and filling – a good helping
Summer salad with pomegranate and feta – dressing served separately. A good helping  
Sandwich – travellers plate – 4 open sandwiches made on multi grain bread
Detox juice – cucumber, celery, cabbage and mint – good despite the fact that no drinks not even water  is served cold  as its against the yoga principles
Carrot cake supplied by Eighth a Bandra-based baker – delicious, so yummy that I picked up 3 to go

Summer Salad

Quinoa Taboule

Travellers Plate - open sandwiches

Carrot Cake 

The bill for what two of us ate was about Rs 1000/- The building, above Waters the salon, is being made “rain proof” so the open areas are being covered presumably.

The table ware - earthen glasses and bell metal plates go very well with the natural ambiance. The green, blue and white color scheme complement the whole look and feel of the place making you feel that you are in a lovely nature retreat or spa. 

Worth a visit or two….

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