Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hot? Visit Hokey Pokey to create an ice cream now

I went to Hokey Pokey for the first time recently courtesy a Food blogger event curated by FBAI at the new Carter Rd, Bandra outlet.

We got to mix and match flavours with toppings to create and name ice creams. flavours were mixed on the Hokey Pokey signature "cold stone." which we were allowed to do. Typically you watch the staff mix the selections but we were encouraged to try our hand in the mixing.

One chooses from the ice cream flavours and adds toppings from a HUGE range including fruits, chocolate chips, various candies, chocolate like Mars, Oreo cookies, etc even desi toppings like Gulkhand etc
This is the COLD stone where the mixing happens

I went back again taking my son and his friends. They enjoyed it - and i enjoyed a decadent chocolate sundae - Secret Affair.

Its good value compared to the other parlours and has become a hit in my family. An ideal treat in this hot weather

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