Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Awesome new Seafood Menu at The Bagel Shop

The Bagel Shop, Bandra located 5 minutes from office, has donned a new look. The relaxed vibe remains but the new look is contemporary and rather nice. They’ve also added a seafood menu so we went for lunch to check it out.

The new Seafood Special menu offers a combination of chowder, pastas, salad and a hot pot.

We (5 of us) started with the chowder  - it’s a hearty helping of flavourful seafood soup full of shrimp and fish so we shared 2  portions.

We then shared:

The prawn and feta salad (very light and refreshing with watermelon) which was perfect start to lunch.

Arugula pasta with bacon and calamari (very light no sauce) was delicious. We had bacon served on the side as some of our team members don’t eat bacon

Prawn pasta – prawn with penne in a light white sauce drizzled with cheese

Seafood hotpot – baked seafood served with slices of a garlic toasted bagel

Finally we ended with pumpkin cake – a portion shared among us

Some of us had fresh watermelon juice (no sugar)

This lunch was awesome and I strongly recommend it to all seafood lovers. The Bagel Shop staples – bagels with meats, veggies and fish and the range of deserts and vegan offerings remain on the menu but this is a welcome addition.   

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