Friday, November 1, 2013

Indigo Deli Bandra, always a delight

I had to share with you the review of my most favourite F&B destination (shares the honours with Smokehouse Deli). Incongruous as its connection to Diwali may seem as its non Indian cuisine, with the holidays on, you may want to get a break from eating Indian ..

The PR team plus friends trooped off to Indigo Deli for lunch on a Friday. We arrived to find it empty. Within 15 minutes of our arrival it was full!

All of us have our favourites here. We ate a lovely meal comprising:

Eggs on the beach  which is 2 crab cakes, covered with crisp rashers of bacon, a poched egg atop each crab cake with hollandaise sauce on top. Served with delicious crispy grated potato on the side.

House Deli Salad which is a plate piled high with a delicious melange of greens, olives, smoked salmon, lobster, olives, caperberries, hard boiled egg and cherry tomatoes in a light dressing   

Blackened Salmon burger – a very hearty portion of salmon steak in a burger served with 2 salads on the side  

Seriously Sloppy Joe – bbq chicken pieces in a baguette with grilled potato wedges and a green salad

From the day’s special menu Pumpkin Tortellini. Quite a delicious and uncommon dish. The tortellini (stuffed pasta) contained white pumpkin and was served in a sauce

Hazelnut ice cream and chocolate mud pie

Cost: Rs 1000 per head including tip

Was worth it? Yes for sure. Love the happy cheerful vibe here

Its AC and has a bar and valet parking

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