Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dumpling King v/s Grub Hub – eating dumplings (momos) in Bandra

After reading about the Pet Pujaris dumpling walk in Bandra, I was inspired to try out Grub Hub, their winner for the chicken momo, more so as YC my neighbour has been raving about it.

We’ve been eating momos at Dumpling King on the Khao Galli off Carter Rd, as it’s the son’s choice after Friday evening karate class nearby. However, as the  Pet Pujaris said, the outer covering is kind of hard. At Rs 140 for 8 steamed dumplings,  you get to sit in their nicely done up AC place unless you prefer to sit outside and imbibe the sights and sounds of the khao galli. You can treat yourself to a variety of sauces.  Chop sticks are available and the son who is adept at eating with chopsticks eats with ‘em. Though this blog is about momos, Dumpling King does a very nice chicken noodle Rs 140. Plain steamed noodles topped by a generous portion of diced chicken in a non spicy, flavourful sauce with lovely veggies like broccoli, yellow and red capsicum, etc. No pork here which is a pity.  The Kings Meal – a non veg meal combo for Rs 220 provides a plate of steamed chicken momos with a portion of chicken noodle and iced tea. A filling meal…. They do home delivery which is nice.   

GrubHub: we decided we have to try it out. We actually drove past it, despite being told it is opposite Toto’s. Then we called to ask directions …. It’s a stall and they don’t seem to do home delivery. Lots of  people getting take out, sitting in cars and eating.

The steamed chicken momos cost Rs 80 for a plate of  6 large momos. Perfect.

For those who are interested here are the contacts:

Dumpling King 9920956884/ 9930956884

GrubHub 45110235/ 9820285738

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