Thursday, October 10, 2013

022 at Trident, BKC – avoid

On a recent Saturday, a dear friend and I went out for lunch. She wanted to check out 022 (oh two two). In BKC, Sofitel’s Pondichery Cafe is my favourite but as I’d only eaten at Trident’s Botticino (lovely Italian), I thought “why not?”
022 offers both buffet and a la carte selections. We went with the buffet. It was rather sad to put it mildly. The cold cuts offered some listless and not too fresh salami style meats, not the real Italian or European ones but some insipid wanna be ones. Sushi was ok, a basic range with no smoked salmon.
Salads were “tired.”
Mains:  the vegetarian options seemed good (didn’t try) but there was NOT ONE thing in the non-vegetarian section that I ate (the offering was so limited and boring).
Desserts: nothing that I wanted to eat. All in all, sad and not worthy of the Oberoi Group. I do hope it improves. With so many high end eating options coming up in BKC this restaurant will end up catering only to residential guests.
Cost: Rs 2017 inclusive of taxes
If you are in the vicinity go to Pondichery Café at Sofitel for a super buffet at lower cost (Rs 1750 all inclusive). Even the Artisan Café is great….

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