Friday, September 27, 2013

Japanese food with a relaxed vibe at Aoi

The PR team went to Aoi to eat something different. We visited Salt Water Grill last … (blog pending). It was a weekday working lunch before leaving for Andheri to meet a client. We went in and ordered the California Uramaki Rolls (smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber). S who has lunched in office, chose to try the chamomile tea. When the sushi came we noticed the tasting menu and M & I decided to share 1 portion  …..
The chicken Yakitori started was excellent (no photo, as we finished it in seconds) followed by a platter of 4 pieces of sushi. 2 each of salmon Uramaki and tuna tartare with wasabi. For the mains, we didn’t want to have sticky rice which was the non –veg option so we had the veg option of spicy udon noodles. The addition of toasted sesame made it a standout dish albeit spicy as its name suggests. We ended with the Aoi signature chocolate sushi – a portion comprising 2 pieces which was excellent.
We loved Aoi and I’m waiting to return soon. I had visited when it was new and I compliment the team for maintaining the standards. The cool vibe and the delicious food make it a must visit.
Love the origami bird mobile décor …
The cost was Rs 650 per head for a light lunch.
Its Air conditioned, no daru

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