Monday, August 26, 2013

Going wild at Serpis’ Wild Side Café, Bandra

We went there last week for a working lunch – very cute with a Goa vibe, would be better without the flies!, non AC, no daru! In Bandra, beside St Andrew’s Church, in the Purple Haze lane going to Chimbai Village.
We ate:
Pork Chops (2 small) tasty and tender; served with a small portion of mashed potatoes which were delicious. Since the plate looked empty I ordered mixed vegetables to go with it, which came quite fast.
Hunter’s Chicken boneless pieces of chicken served in a mushroom sauce with veggies and rice – good
Pepper Garlic Chicken – a boneless steak
Steamed fish in caper sauce – made with basa (what else?),  served with veggies and garlic bread – good
With mineral water our bill came to 1550 including a tip. The food was tasty – seating was very simple, it is family run and has all of 4 tables.
Would I go back? Maybe for a casual meal – food was tasty but the flies were a turnoff….

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