Friday, June 17, 2016

Craving Mohammed Ali Rd Food for Ramzan? Head to Jyran, Sofitel

Roti pe Bhuni Boti

Masala Bheja and Pav

Check out the Mohammed Ali Road special on during the month of Ramzan at Jyran, Sofitel BKC. We did and I give it full marks.

We dined there last weekend specially attracted by the special menu offering the best of Mohammed Ali Rd. This is in addition to their usual Northern India and Frontier cuisine.

Think Gurdan Kapura, bheja, khichda, kababs and more.

The restaurant, open till 3 pm, was well patronised - both the picturesque al fresco seating as well as the indoor space. 

I noticed the good selection of single malts available at the well stocked bar. We'd had some wine before going to didn't drink there.. 

Once we ordered, a selection of pickles chutneys and papads arrived, for us to nibble on.

We ate mini mutton botis on mini rumali rotis - "roti pe bhuni boti," followed by other items from the Mohammed Ali Road special menu: brain masala and khichda. We had the black dal "Dal al Jyran" from the regular menu as its really special. 

The food was superlative - I strongly recommend it for Ramzan food lovers - no need to trek to Mohammed Ali Road any more just visit Jyran instead till Ramzan Id. The special is available till July 10.

Great service too!

This fine dine restaurant has become our go-to place when we want superlative Indian food!

Go soon to try out the special menu. Strongly recommended!

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