Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wine Tasting with The Happy High– have fun drinking wine & pairing it with food

Learning how to taste wines is a simple straightforward adventure that will deepen your appreciation for both wines and winemakers.  

Look, smell, taste - starting with your basic senses and expanding from there you will learn how to taste wines like the pros in no time! Keep in mind that you can smell thousands of unique scents, but your taste perception is limited to salty, sweet, sour and bitter. It is the combination of smell and taste that allows you to discern flavor.

A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to buying, storing and serving wine. Learn about key factors in selecting your next bottle of wine, how to properly store wine and how to make the most out of serving wine. Tasting wine is all about utilizing your five senses to fully experience what's in your glass.

Go to the wine tasting, pairing session organised by The Happy HighThe Happy High on Saturday November 1 and learn from Ajit Balgi, he introduced me to wine and is an excellent trainer…

Not only that, there is an excellent meal laid on at Café Infinito, BKC which will allow you to understand pairing of wine with different foods.

Get to taste 10 wines from the Charosa, Grover Zampa, Reveilo and Chateau D'Ori vineyards and enjoy an amazing meal.

Minestrone Genovese (V)
Fennel & chicken
Arugula, goat cheese crumbs, red wine poached pear & balsamic (V)
Arugula & baby spinach with seafood & whole grain mustard
Greek (V)
Been to Mexico (V)
Peri Peri chicken 
Chilli Garlic flambéed Seafood
Lemon yoghurt sorbet with fruits (V)

And when you are done you’ll be able to taste wine like the pros. 

Its Rs 2500 per head for a person and Rs 4500 for a couple and starts at 12 noon.

Few seats left - Rush to book your place by mailing

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