Friday, September 5, 2014

Cafe Nemo - cute name not much else to smile about

Café Nemo – cute name not much else to smile about

I’d kept reading about the place – wherever I looked – in print on social media so had to visit. Went recently, for lunch on a working day, with two friends.

Its’ hard to find! Right opposite the coast guard offices in the Worli Koliwada area, in a narrow crowded lane! Its’ located in a cute small cottagey sort of place 

Nicely done up in bright colours (with AC) but somehow the ambiance isn't warm and inviting.. sort of soul-less

The baos are good - we had the pork ones.- Char siu pork. If you ever go there have a bao or two!
Pork Bao
Korean Fried Chicken

Hot Truffled Shrimp

Baked Salmon Cakes

We followed it with a Hot Truffled Shrimp (nice), Baked Salmon Cakes (seemed deep fried) and Korean Fried Chicken (very Venky like nuggets). 

The food was attractively served but was't anything to write home about  - it was also misleading with names like baked fish cake ... which looked as fried as can be! (see photo)

The service was good and the loos were nice. They didn’t appear to have valet parking.

The food for 3 was Rs 2640/- with no drinks or dessert - rather pricey! 

Dont bother to go - i dont think its worth it!

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